GPS Data on a Google Map: Legal-ish Stuff



The GPS on a Google Map tool is under the MIT License.

The tool makes grateful use of the 'toGeoJSON' component and the 'geoJSONhint' validator by Mapbox, as well as the great JSZip javascript library by (primarily) Stuart Knightley. The drop icon is by Freepik


The GPS on a Google Map tool does not store any information about anything. Not your IP, not the data you "upload" (you don't really upload anything), not even your favourite colour. When you share a map, the data is encoded in the URL and decoded again when your recipient enters uses it. If you don't believe me (I wouldn't blame you), check out the sources - all of the computation happens on the client side and the data is never sent anywhere.

Guarantee & Liability

The author (Evan Sharp) makes no guarantees about the function of this tool. The map is rendered by Google and the data is supplied by you (the user). This map should not be relied upon for anything anywhere for any reason. In fact, don't even use it. Now that I think about it, you should probably be doing something else right now. Go play outside.

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