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Who's Got What?

Collaborative Item List Webapp

Who's Got What? (Alpha)

The Who's Got What? list application started as a personal solution for packing with friends for trips where much of the gear is both shared and owned by most of us in one form or another. The concept can be applied to any collaborative list however: potluck dinners, grocery lists, to dos, etc.
Lists are anonymous and shared/accessed using a unique obfuscated URL. Anyone accessing a list can edit it, for now; locking items is a feature in the pipe. Lists are sortable based on any of the fields and can be deleted after use or allowed to expire automatically after 90 days; manual extension is a feature in the pipe.
Who's Got What? is a public service, an experiment in event-driven design, and a showcase piece all in one. It will probably never get past Beta (is Alpha right now) but I try to keep it as stable as possible. Check it out, use it, send feedback!

Project Work
Custom database-driven web application build on Code Igniter 2 framework
Project Launch
January 2014
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