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The internet is a boundless place to tell your story; and with the help of cutting-edge interactive technologies we can make a connection with your visitors that lasts.

One of the first principals of marketing is that people are driven by personal connections. When we get visitors to feel something when they visit your website, they're more likely to act. Regardless of your goals, overall brand delivery that tells a story should be high on the list. evansharpdesign incorporates this approach into every step of the design process and tracks the numbers so you can measure the success.

Web Developer

Technology these days is super cool, make it work for you. From visually stunning and interactive desktop experiences to functional location-aware mobile applications, I can solve your problems and increase productivity.

The technical aspect of the web is a jungle of languages, systems, and devices. evansharpdesign has over 10 years of IT experience to leverage in creating your solution. Let me take care of the how, so you can focus on the what, when, and where of your organization. Some of the logos I work with are:


Wordpress Guru

Choosing Wordpress is the last time you'll feel pressed for words. The world's most flexible content management system (CMS) is your easy solution for DIY publishing. Post articles, photos, video, and more into a bespoke design that was made just for your organization.

The best way to stay high in search results and keep your visitors engaged is with a steady stream of fresh content. Doing this yourself has never been easier with the latest version of Wordpress. After evansharpdesign creates a totally custom design (just like a from-scratch site), you'll be able to manage the content yourself anytime. Training is available too to make sure you take full advantage of what Wordpress has to offer.

Selections from my work, personal projects, & experiments

Work Process

A project with evansharpdesign is charted in advance using a simple common-sense approach

Meet Learn Create Revise Launch Support


Projects begin with a quick meeting to look at needs, expectations, and whether evansharpdesign is a good fit for your organization.


Based on the goals of the project, research is done to create a detailed plan for what we're going to make.


I get to work on code and graphics according to our plan.


Over several drafts, we'll work together to hone the design into the perfect solution to achieve the goals outlined earlier.


With fanfare and celebration, we launch your new design. Tie-ins with other promotions and advertising are encouraged!


Going forward, evansharpdesign can provide support, training, and updates for work done. I want to be your whole online solution!

My name is Evan, and I want to be a part of your organization's success.

Email, text, or call me for a meeting to see what we can do together.